How to customize a gym bag

Long time ago, a hairdresser gave me a black and white gym bag, very useful but bored.


I decided customize it with some sequins and this picture:

Why the piratebay’s logo? Well, here in Spain, and in other European countries, we pay a special tax whenever we buy an electronic device. It’s like a kind of fine for making ilegal copies of music and filmes. Since I must pay this tax… I must be a pirate!

That said, go ahead with the work!

The process is simple: I didn’t dare to stick the sequins directly in the bag, so I sticked them in a piece of fabric and then, I stick the fabric to the bag. As the bag is mainly black, the piece of fabric is black.


I used contact adhesive, because is the best to stick fabric and plastic. And believe, the sequins are well stuck!

And, of course, I didn’t stuck the sequins one by one! Jesus! Never do that! Because anyway it’s going to be a looong work. Spread the glue on the fabric, and then put the sequins on. It’s supposed that you must put glue in both sequins and fabric, but I only put it on the fabric and it worked.

Here is the final result: