T-shirt recon without sewing!

Inspired by this video posted in ThreadBanger, I transform a t-shirt using only my scissors (without sewing). The original T-shirt was this:

1- Fisrt, I cut the neck about 3cm away from the original neckline, as you can see in the picture:

2- I cut two strips at the bottom of the t-shirt. This way, I made the t-shirt shorter (it was very long) and I got two strips that I’d use later on:

3- I cute the sleeves along the length, without detach them from the t-shirt, as you can see in the picture:

4- I made two small cuts at both sides of the t-shirt, at waist level.  Then, I put one of the strips through both holes.

6- Finally, I cut the other strip in half and with the two resulting strips I tied the shoulders of the t-shirt.

7- To wear it, you only have to tight the t-shirt to the waist with the strip, and made a bow  behind.  This is the result: