The job of my life

I said in my last post that I’m currently having a lot of work to do, but not in the job of my life. Well, finding the job of my life (or a job that I like) is one of my proposals for 2010. Maybe you’re reading this blog and you know a job that I could be interested in. if that’s so, please, let me know!

I’m not sure of my vocation but I love designing, doing things myself and work in front of a computer, specially with 3D programs. I’m a supportive person and with a global vision, so   it’s essential for me  doing a ethical work.  I’m a hard- worker person and I love travelling. In fact, I would like to find a job in another country, or at least in a different city, to live new experiences. I am an industrial engineering, specialized in design, interested in biomechanics, industrial design and music. I have publications in the field of biomechanics, I made  several courses about eco-design and industrial ecology and I speak 4 languages (Spanish, Galician , English and French) and I understand Portuguese. I’ve spent my time in University acquiring working experience and collaborating in a NGO.

I hope a shower of jobs! 😉