Bolsa=caca (bag=yukky)

These days we can see in Spain an advertising campaign called “Bolsa=caca” (this is: bag=yukky) (this link contains objetive information about the campaign, it’s not the official website of the campaign!) . This campaign tries to  make people aware of how dangerous for the environment the plastic bags are. The campaign belongs to the company “Carrefour”, and obviously, they would save a lot of money if people didn’t use their plastic bags. But anyway, the important thing is: plastic bags are yukky! And the best option is, as always, to have reusable bags.

How to get your reusable bag? You have two options:

1- Do it in fabric: Long time ago TOP SHOP posted in its web how to do your own eco-bag in fabric, and here is the link.

2- Do it in paper: You can do your bag from a newspaper,  following the instrutions in this website (in japanese) or also you can see the video in youtube: