adding fringes

La customización de una camiseta debe ir acorde con el estilo de la misma. En este caso, no había mejor elección que customizar la camiseta con flecos hechos a partir de sus propias mangas. Así tenemos un cowboy style  acorde con el print de la camiseta.

When you customize a garment, it must be appropriate to its style.  In this case, the best choice was customizing the tee with fringes made out of its own sleeves. This way I got a cowboy style that matches with the print of the t-shirt.


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New Year’s Eve Look

New Year’s Eve is for me a perfect excuse to make a new dress. And that’s what I used to do every year. This year my intention was use one of my tops and make a skirt similar to this one, but between my fabrics I found this piece of tulle that was part of another dress years ago.

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Doing a garden in fabric

These days I feel romantic. This is really weird, because I’m  the least romantic person in the world. And most of the time, this is reflected in my dress style. I like to wear sexy or sport clothes. But sometimes I like to add romantic accessories to my style. Maybe because I feel more naive, or more feminine? And why? Am I in love? Or simply, it will have to do with my hormonal cycles?

Anyway, I’ve been doing flowers with the remains of fabric that  had. I followed two different techniques, very easy both, and with different results.

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How I rock my jeans

I made a lot of  holes in my jeans and here is the result (worn with skull leggings under them)
And here the tutorial to get a worn out aspect:
1- I took a pair of old jeans that I didn’t use:
2- I draw the holes in the jeans and I cut them with scissors:
3- And finally I rub the holes with a paper cutter to get the worn aspect, as you can see in the next picture. If you do this, try to put something inside the jeans to not to damage the back. I put a newspaper (sometimes newspapers are useless)

How to customize a gym bag

Long time ago, a hairdresser gave me a black and white gym bag, very useful but bored.


I decided customize it with some sequins and this picture:

Why the piratebay’s logo? Well, here in Spain, and in other European countries, we pay a special tax whenever we buy an electronic device. It’s like a kind of fine for making ilegal copies of music and filmes. Since I must pay this tax… I must be a pirate!

That said, go ahead with the work!

The process is simple: I didn’t dare to stick the sequins directly in the bag, so I sticked them in a piece of fabric and then, I stick the fabric to the bag. As the bag is mainly black, the piece of fabric is black.


I used contact adhesive, because is the best to stick fabric and plastic. And believe, the sequins are well stuck!

And, of course, I didn’t stuck the sequins one by one! Jesus! Never do that! Because anyway it’s going to be a looong work. Spread the glue on the fabric, and then put the sequins on. It’s supposed that you must put glue in both sequins and fabric, but I only put it on the fabric and it worked.

Here is the final result:

Tutorial – Your favorite band strapless t-shirt and other two t-shirt recons.

In this post I’ll explain how to do strapless t-shirt like this:

DIY - Dandy Warhols strapless t-shirt

1 – First, I used a normal and big red t-shirt and one of my strapless t-shirts to do the pattern. Many people think that you have to do a tube in fabric to do a strapless t-shirt. But taking your pattern from another t-shirt, you will be sure that your new t-shirt will fit you perfectly.

For that, I put one over the other and I marked my pattern with pins.

doing the pattern


2 – Then, I sew the pattern:

sewing the t-shirt

3 – To paint the drawing in the t-shirt, I transfer it printing it a sheet and putting this sheet over the fabric. Then, I rubbed the sheet with alcohol. That way, the ink is transferred to the fabric. Then I used a pen (special for fabric) because is cheap and accurate.


In this picture you can see the result: IMG_0592

4 – Finally, I decorated it with a lace ending. It’s not elastic, so it’s important to take well the measure over your chest.


Other two t-shirt recons that I did this weekend:



After and three ways of dressing it:

And the second recon: