New Year’s Eve Look

New Year’s Eve is for me a perfect excuse to make a new dress. And that’s what I used to do every year. This year my intention was use one of my tops and make a skirt similar to this one, but between my fabrics I found this piece of tulle that was part of another dress years ago.

091231-New_Years_Eve_Look 001

So I decided to make a tulle skirt, using this piece of fabric, my black tube skirt and lace.

First, I sewed a long ribbon to the tulle. The ribbon is 5 cm longer than my hips measurement.This way I have a first tulle skirt. As you can imagine, I’ll wear it tying the ribbon around my hips.
091231-New_Years_Eve_Look 003

Secondly, I used another piece of tulle to make a second skirt, but this time I also sewed lace to the end of the skirt.

Then, I wore my black tube skirt with my top:
091231-New_Years_Eve_Look 005

Then I wore the first skirt
091231-New_Years_Eve_Look 006

And the second one
091231-New_Years_Eve_Look 007

This is a very easy look. If I didn’t have a tube skirt, I could have done it myself with elastic fabric.

Of course, then I added accessories: a black pearl necklace and a bow in my hair.


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