Finally, garlands and intentions for 2010

The past  December 24th, I considered the Xmas decoration done, despite I couldn’t do part of it, because I hadn’t got time enough. In fact, the decoration looks poor, but next year I’ll make more things. In the next picture you can see some of the garlands that I made to hang in the shelves. In all of them I used the yo-yo technique. I made some of them with sweets, and as I could imagine, my niece tried to eat most of them (and now my sister hates me!). By the way, my niece appears in one of the photos in the shelf. Isn’t she the most beautiful girl in the world?

This year 2009 has been sheer madness. Well, in fact it’s being sheer madness. Right now I got three temporary jobs so I hardly have free time. I didn’t manage to finish my dissertation. I expect (and I’ll work for) positives changes in 2010. Here are my intentions for the new year; they are not a lot, but I promise myself I’m going to do all the things in this list:

1- Learn to play guitar

2- Get a new job (and have only one job!)

3- Become emancipated

4- Make the most of my French and English classes, because this course I have the best teachers in the school.

5- And above all, be happy (I am, and I want to remain being happy!)


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