Xmas decoration: paper snowflakes

Following my Xmas decoration plan, I stuck snowflakes and stars in the  stairs, and also snowflakes in the tv. Now I’m writing this post to show off (of course!) and to tell you my experience doing it. It was the first time I worked with glitter and paper, and I learned some things from my experience (and mainly, from my mistakes!)


1- First, I learned how to do perfectly symmetric  stars from this site and snowflakes from this and this sites, to decorate them later.  Easy! I only did five point stars because they are my favourites.

Paper_snowflake-2 paper_snowflake-3

2- Then, I decorated the snowflakes with silver and white glitter. To do that, I spread glue for all the snowflake. It’s very important to spread a good layer of glue and make sure that it covers all the snowflake. The result might be very poor otherwise.  After that, I sprinkled the glitter. When it’s dry, the snowflake is ready to stick!

paper_snowflake-4 paper_snowflake-5

When I finished the work I had glitter even in my ears, so it’s important to be careful. I assure you that glitter it’s difficult to remove even with the vacuum.

Buying white glitter isn’t worth the trouble: I’m almost sure that I’d obtain the same result using salt, because it’s very difficult to glue and it’s not very shiny.

3- Finally, I painted and decorated the stars. I was quite sure I wanted to paint them in red. I discovered the best kind of paint was… nail polish! It’s very shiny, t he paper is harder when it dries and it doesn’t goes bad after stick and remove the star to the stair.

Then, I decorated them with the glitter glue that I show in the picture. I had no choice but to buy it after I broke the jar in a handicraft shop, but it doesn’t matter, because I love it!



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