Doing a garden in fabric

These days I feel romantic. This is really weird, because I’m  the least romantic person in the world. And most of the time, this is reflected in my dress style. I like to wear sexy or sport clothes. But sometimes I like to add romantic accessories to my style. Maybe because I feel more naive, or more feminine? And why? Am I in love? Or simply, it will have to do with my hormonal cycles?

Anyway, I’ve been doing flowers with the remains of fabric that  had. I followed two different techniques, very easy both, and with different results.

First, I tried a technic explained in “Generation T: beyond fashion:

1- Cut a small circle in fabric (about 10 cm in diameter).

2- Sew a basting stitch around the outside edge of the circle:

3- Pull the thread to gather the fabric. The result will be a kind of little pouch.

4- Press the opening into the center of the pouch, and you will have your flower.

As I said before, there is another way of doing flowers:

1- Cut a strip of fabric, more or less 2 cm by 10cm

2- Sew a stitch along one of the edges of the strip

3- Pull the thread to gather the fabric.


4- Sew both extremes of the strip, and voilá!


I didn’t know what flower I like more!


Maybe is better the second one, mainly because  cutting a strip of fabric is easier  than cutting a circle. Besides, you will make the most of the fabric cutting strips, because, what can you do with the remains of cutting a circle?



8 responses to “Doing a garden in fabric

  1. I am trying write English in your blog, ok? but I don´t know the results 🙂
    I love your blog although it was difficult find it.
    I hope that I will be your first customer, jejeje!
    I found a website that I hope, you like it…

    Ah! I like very much your boyfriend´s present in your birthday, you didn´t tell me!!

    Good luck and kisses!

    • Hey wapísima! Comments in Spanish are also aproved 🙂 Me encanta la página que me enviaste, frikearé a fondo en ella!!!
      ¿Difícil de encontrar? ¿Este blog? Hombre, no es el primer resultado de google, pero sí que ya aparece en la primera página de búsqueda! Pues hala chica, disfrútalo, a ver si ahora que vienen tiempos tranquilos (acabo el curso de bioconstrucción, posiblemente el proyecto, en Navidades no hay clase en la EOI…) le dedico más tiempo. Por lo de pronto ya tengo dos camis nuevas y todavía no tuve tiempo de fardar de ellas! Y en breves empiezo con la decoración navideña (sí, ahora también celebro la Navidad, si es que esto de tener una sobrina de 2 años es fantástico!). Mil besos y gracias por entrar!

  2. Hi Geles!!

    sorry but my English is very bad! english is also forget for me, now I`m trying to speak French!

    I´m seen this blog and I`m very surprised for your work!!

    Good luck whith your proyect!

    Y hasta aquí mi ingles… jeje! pues lo dicho, me sorprendió mucho tu trabajo, el blog se encuentra sin problemas con el google.

    Mucha suerte, 1 besote, chau!

    • Jaja, gracias wapeton, me alegra mucho que os guste mi blog 🙂 Sois los primeros amigos en visitarlo! (Aun no le di mucha publicidad). Dale duro al French (mola más que el English realmente). Algún día (un día que tenga muuuucho tiempo) este blog será trilingue o cuatrilingue! Bicos!

  3. Hey :]
    It’s been so long since I came to your blog. But I needed inspiration so I’m back, I though I lost the adress but after looking in all my bookmarks, I finaly found it 🙂

    So here I am mostly amazed by your last creations.

    • Oh! Thank you very much! I’ll post the creation of my New Year’s Eve dress this week and a couple of new tees later on, so keep your eyes open, I hope you like them!

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