T-shirt Music is my Hot Sex

I always liked that Cansei De Ser Sexy son, that says “Music is my hot sex”. It’s a great phrase! It inspired me the following t-shirt:

I did the letters and the pattern. Here is the tutorial:

1- How to do the pattern:

The next picture shows the pattern of the front of the t-shirt:


We look for a perfect simetry, so, first of all, fold the fabric in half before draw and cut the pattern. If you’re using an old t-shirt (as I did), cut it following the seams, so you will separate the front from the back of the t-shirt. We will need the back of the t-shirt later.



To draw the top of the pattern (lines in green),  you can use one of your t-shirts or get one free pattern from this website:


In the same way, you can draw the back of the pattern.

To draw the lines in lilac, I used my intuition.

Cut the pattern.

2 – At this point, I draw the letters in the fabric. You can use two different techniques. First of them, consist in print them following the instructions of this tutorial:


Second of them, the technique that I used, consist in draw the letter with a marker (special for fabric, of course). It’s cheaper and also accurate.  I got the font from this website:


I wrote the phrase in “Microsoft paint” (yes, I also hate Bill Gates, but it’s easier using Microsoft paint), I turn the letters (with the command “Image/turn”) and I print them in normal paper. I transfer them temporarily to the fabric placing the paper over it and rubing the paper with alcohol. Then, I repainted the letter with the marker.

3 – Now,  gather the t-shirt where shown:


4 – Sew the ribbons to the shoulders of the t-shirt. Sew the t-shirt. Voilá!



3 responses to “T-shirt Music is my Hot Sex

    • Thank you! And regarding the bows, I sew the ribbons with the shoulders, I mean: I took 4 ribbons, I put them between the two pieces of fabric (the back and the front of the t-shirt) aligned with the shoulders, and I sew all. Then I made the bows 🙂

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