T-shirt Music is my Hot Sex

I always liked that Cansei De Ser Sexy son, that says “Music is my hot sex”. It’s a great phrase! It inspired me the following t-shirt:

I did the letters and the pattern. Here is the tutorial:

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Bolsa=caca (bag=yukky)

These days we can see in Spain an advertising campaign called “Bolsa=caca” (this is: bag=yukky) (this link contains objetive information about the campaign, it’s not the official website of the campaign!) . This campaign tries to  make people aware of how dangerous for the environment the plastic bags are. The campaign belongs to the company “Carrefour”, and obviously, they would save a lot of money if people didn’t use their plastic bags. But anyway, the important thing is: plastic bags are yukky! And the best option is, as always, to have reusable bags.

How to get your reusable bag? You have two options:

1- Do it in fabric: Long time ago TOP SHOP posted in its web how to do your own eco-bag in fabric, and here is the link.

2- Do it in paper: You can do your bag from a newspaper,  following the instrutions in this website (in japanese) or also you can see the video in youtube:

How I rock my jeans

I made a lot of  holes in my jeans and here is the result (worn with skull leggings under them)
And here the tutorial to get a worn out aspect:
1- I took a pair of old jeans that I didn’t use:
2- I draw the holes in the jeans and I cut them with scissors:
3- And finally I rub the holes with a paper cutter to get the worn aspect, as you can see in the next picture. If you do this, try to put something inside the jeans to not to damage the back. I put a newspaper (sometimes newspapers are useless)