Tutorial t-shirt recon – naïf

Some people in t-shirt surgery asked me for the tutorial of one of the t-shirts that I showed in my last post. Well, I don’t have pictures of the procces, but anyway, I’ve been playing with my computer and here it is!

1 – Take the big t-shirt that you’re going to recon and another one of your t-shirts, one of those that fits you sooo well. Put one over the other to mark the pattern. To mark it on the sleeves (the most difficult part) you can use pins, putting them across both t-shirts and following the seam the small t-shirt. That way, you can move the sleeve of the small t-shirt and mark the pattern in the big t-shirt.


2 – Cut the big t-shirt 2 cm away from the pattern, to have a seam allowance. Don’t trhow the rest of the fabric away: you will use it later.

3 – Sew both sides of the t-shirt.

4 – Now we will make the neck: Cut the neck like in the next picture. You will have to sew it later in the slit.

neck5 – Take the fabric that you cut in step 4. Cut the neck line.


6 – Then take the fabric you cut in step 2, and cut a strip, a long strip. Tie this strip around the fabric of the step 5 and the slit of the t-shirt. Voilá! You have your neck with the bow.



7 – Now we’re going to do the sleeves. Take the sleeves of the big t-shirt (you cut them in the step 2) and cut a small strip of fabric like in the picture:

sleeve8 – Sew them following the lines I draw in the next picture, but don’t joint the pieces of fabric! You’re sewing them to gather them. And for that, once you have sewed them, take both extremes of the thread and pull of them.



9 – Take the rest of fabric of the step 7 (it must be strip) and sew it to the sleeve. You have gathered the sleeve, so you’ll have a rest. I recommend to begin to sew on the top of the sleeve. That way the seam of the strip will match with the seam of the sleeve.


10 –  Finally, sew the sleeves to the t-shirt. As before, I recommend to begin sewing the top of the sleeve.



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