Tutorial – Your favorite band strapless t-shirt and other two t-shirt recons.

In this post I’ll explain how to do strapless t-shirt like this:

DIY - Dandy Warhols strapless t-shirt

1 – First, I used a normal and big red t-shirt and one of my strapless t-shirts to do the pattern. Many people think that you have to do a tube in fabric to do a strapless t-shirt. But taking your pattern from another t-shirt, you will be sure that your new t-shirt will fit you perfectly.

For that, I put one over the other and I marked my pattern with pins.

doing the pattern


2 – Then, I sew the pattern:

sewing the t-shirt

3 – To paint the drawing in the t-shirt, I transfer it printing it a sheet and putting this sheet over the fabric. Then, I rubbed the sheet with alcohol. That way, the ink is transferred to the fabric. Then I used a pen (special for fabric) because is cheap and accurate.


In this picture you can see the result: IMG_0592

4 – Finally, I decorated it with a lace ending. It’s not elastic, so it’s important to take well the measure over your chest.


Other two t-shirt recons that I did this weekend:



After and three ways of dressing it:

And the second recon:



5 responses to “Tutorial – Your favorite band strapless t-shirt and other two t-shirt recons.

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  2. Cute recons!!! Seeing the dandy warhols shirt reminds me of a good friend I had, she was in love with them. She’d love that shirt! Look forward to seeing what else you come up with:)


    p.s- you picked great links, they’re some of my favorite sites.

    • Oh yes, Dandy Warhols, great band!!! Thank you for the compliments. And by the way, if you know more great links, I’d be pleased to check them 🙂

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