First post, first rock

Hello Dear Readers!

After one year thinking about the lot of things I do and the few things I brag about I decided to write this blog. I’ll talk about DIY, design and music, and maybe about many other things. Enjoy it!

¡Hola queridos lector@s!

Después de un año pensando sobre las muchas cosas que hago y las pocas cosas sobre las que presumo, decidí escribir este blog. Hablaré sober DIY, diseño y música, y quizás muchas otras cosas. ¡Difrutadlo!


2 responses to “First post, first rock

  1. Hey, Your blog seems really interesting, I saw that you do sewing, god i wish I had seen that before, I love sewing but I’m really clumsy and well… Bad at it. I had to do a project where we designed our own clothes and wear them. You’ll be having more comments of me soon 😉

    • Thnak you! A project where you design your own clothes? That’s really interesting! I’d be glad of helping you!

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